Techniques - Southampton

Date: September 24 - 28, 2018

Length: 5 Days

Price: $365 (+HST)

Canvas Size: 12x12 - 1.5 for each day of Class? A two day class would use 3.

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Take a nice photo and turn a blank canvas into a work of art that represents you and your unique creative energy deserving of hanging  in  one of the world's greatest galleries (or at least not in the closet). This hands-on course begins with the approaches and decisions that allow you to compose a plan uniquely your own.  From there, brush and paint techniques will be demonstrated, and how they can (and will!) support what you want to bring to your painting.

The following Acrylic Techniques will be shown in this class 

Wet in Wet

Wet on Dry


Spray and Splash


Colour Shaping

Dry Brushing

Water Colour with Acrylics

Multiple techniques are often used .on the same canvas

Southampton Art School and Gallery

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Hours: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Contact: Camelia McLeod

Phone: (519) 797-5068 or 1 (800) 806-8838



Location: Southampton Art School