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Companion Swatch Set down load for FREE by clicking on the link . Best to be printed on a coated stock or photo paper.

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First Edition Sold Out

The Book 30% larger - now 160 pages

70% Revised - making it even better - with more photos, paintings and examples, than the first edition.

'Acrylics’ is an excellent book for beginners and intermediate painters. The book is 160 full colour pages loaded with more than 700 photos, paintings and illustrations.  The book covers colour, how to mix any colour, perspective, shading, reflection, composition and how to critique. There are a number of step-by-step paintings and a couple of sample critiques with a critique cheat sheet.

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Excerpts from the new book - Now Available

There are a number of step-by-step samples of different techniques and paintings. The one above shows the use of the Colour Shaper in S'graffito (drawing in wet paint).

The book has extensive information on improving your colour, your colour mixing ability and general understanding of colour. The sample pages above show the differences between mixing complementaries and visual complementaries.

There are many pages devoted to composition like the one above 'Finding Your Focus'.

Download the 9 Blank Swatch Pages for Free

These pages are best printed on a heavy card stock (a coated card stock is nicer). You may print these pages for personal use only -  they are not to be printed and sold. Click on the image below to open the Swatch Pages.