Acrylic Techniques -   



Southampton Art School and Gallery - Southampton

Date: September 18-22 - Monday to Friday

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Length: 5 day

Hours: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Contact: Darlene McConnachie

Price: $356.00 +hst

Phone: (519) 797-5068



Location: Southampton Art School


Impasto is Italian for paste; in painting it refers to any physical three-dimensional texture applied to the canvas with paint medium or even foreign objects.

Watercolour technique is the art of applying acrylic, which is normally used in an opaque fashion, in a watery application similar to watercolour painting.

Glazing is closely related to watercolour technique where thin transparent layers of paint are laid on top of base colours, changing the appearance in a way that laying a piece of coloured stained glass might.

Wet-in-Wet is using two or more different colours and blending them together on the canvas.

Dry Brushing is a technique of using little or no water; applied with a lightly loaded brush the paint is laid down in a broken or scumbled stroke on a dry surface so that the underlying colours are visible.

Wet-on-Dry is a technique  in which a wet stroke is applied to a dry paint and where the brush stroke is descriptive or textural.

S'tgraffito - Drawing into wet paint, ideal technique for paint a great deal of tree, grasses and certain kinds of water movement. 

Splash - the use of spray and splashing of paint to create a more random organic mark in your paintings.

You will need 8 12x12 canvases/boards. See list in side bar for other materials.