2019 Courses

Free video on using water with Acrylics

For more details on these courses click on the loacation you're interested in. PLEASE REMEMBER  to check the course register's site to confirm details as I have been known to make the odd error. 

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Elizabeth’s Art Gallery April 14th

Maggiolly - Colour -  April 29th - May 1st

Dorchester - Techniques - May 7th

Chatsworth Studio XX - Step by Step - May 26th

Maggiolly -Step by Step - May 27- 29th

Chatsworth Studio XX  - Acrylics from Start to Finish - June 3-7th

Dorchester - Techniques - June 11th

Chatsworth Studio XX - 2 day Step by Step June 13th and 14th

Huntsville - June 17-18th Painting Water with Rock Shoreline

Chatsworth Studio XX -  Painting Water in Acrylics - June 23-24th 

Maggiolly - Step by Step - June 26th

Niagara on the Lake - Step by Step Mastering the Niagara Gorge  July 6th

North Bay - Trout Lake - Painting Skies and Water - July 9-11th

North Bay - Trout Lake - Painting Fast and Loose - July 12th-14th

Chatsworth Studio XX  - Acrylic Techniques - July 15-16th 

Chatsworth Studio XX - Step by Step - July 28th

Dorchester - Techniques - August 6th

Halifax - Techniques - August 11th

Halifax - Techniques - August 12th

Chatsworth - Studio XX  - Painting Skies in Acrylics - August 17-18th 

Dorchester - Techniques - September 3rd

Chatsworth - Studio XX  - Mastering the Escarpment - September 8-9th 

Chatsworth - Studio XX - Step by Step - September 15th

Goderich - Elizabeth’s Gallery - September 22nd 

North Bay Association of Artists - North Bay  - September 28th-29th

Dorchester - Techniques - October 1st

Maggiolly - Mastering the Escarpment - October 7-9th

Chatsworth - Studio XX  - Painting Fast & Loose - October 16-18th 

Chatsworth - Studio XX - Step by Step October 27th

Dorchester - Techniques - November 5th

Maggiolly - Step by Step - November 6th-8th